Monday, August 31, 2009

Rabbani Pergi Tak Kembali Rabbani...

Losing a friend........... AIM MUHAMMAD RAZIQ such a great guy...

             ...surprised and shocked when Hazyzy Azila, called me yesterday. Can't believed Aim Muhammad Raziq gone without a signs. He was healthy and happy guy. Not showing any 1L1 (H1N1 symptom as my daughter had... {Alhamdulillah my daughter much better now..} no other bad signs).

Last week we talked to him (he were excited telling about his 8 months old daughter, ....Qistina Umairah and his beloved wife..... And we are planning to meet on Hari Raya!).
No one in my family could believed this to happened to such a great guy. Me and my husband really,... really felt a lost. One of our great guy.
Kami tak pernah jumpa sahabat sebaik Aim. Dia antara sahabat terbaik husband semasa kursus induksi 5 tahun lepas. Sampai malam tadi kami termimpikan dia (but he had not saying a word, just a smiles) might be he know how he really means a best friend ever we had.   
Selepas dengar tentang pemergian dia my husband look at me and I look at him. Then I start crying loosing one of our best friend ever (My heart is very sensitive... day after day one by one of great guy leaving this world,... Ustaz Asri pergi ketika memegang Al Quran, my grandfather also leaving during sleeping and so do my gradma). .......Then, my husband recites Yaassin.

We hope that Allah bring him to the heaven and.... his wife and daughter will strong facing this situation.

If there is a choice:
           I said to my husband, "Please Allah take me go before my husband"...

           But Allah knows better than we are.  Strong dedications for our brother Aim... our friend..