Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sofea's Trip to Zoo Negara With my Brother in Law and His Wife

My daughter Sofea with her cousin Amira

My daughter crying when I left her to work (I'm not sending her to her nanny's since my grandmother's in law insists and want to babysitting my daughter for a day). 

So Sofea was at home with my husband's brother, my brother's in law wife and my husband's grandmother. They was dropped by for a few days. She was non-stop crying and my bro's in law said "Okay, okay.. stop crying. Let's have a walk and have some ice-cream"

Suddenly my daughter stop crying and said "Ahha, how about National Zoo?"

My brother in law was amazed  "Aikk, no more tears? How about an ice-cream first?"

"Don't want! I love elephant,... tigers... bla bla bla....."  and she goes to her bedroom for a bathe herself! She wores her Barbie t-shirt (which I hide from her and I had forgotted about it!), pink sandals, pink pant,..... hehhehe .

My brother's in law afraid that my daughter will start crying again and soon he took my daughter to the National Zoo with his wife and our niece. 

And my daughter went home with her glooming sleepy face!! 
Hehehe thank you Ida n Haidar!

My daughter with her aunt.
Moral of the story? "Tears works!"

Do We Love Allah?

How can you claim Love for One that you don't obey?
If you loved Him you would pray, and seek His Face night and day...

How can you claim a heart that is good and pure?
When The Prophet said your heart is sick and needs a cure....

How can you walk with pride and laugh so much?
When your sins are many and death has you in its clutch...

How can you not feel sorrow and pain for your brothers & sisters, oppressed?
When you know that their tears, don't come to a rest....

How can you hear His call to prayer and success?
And turn away deaf while to this you confess.....

How can you claim to be on His Path while you look asleep?
When He Himself described His Path as being steep.....

Dear Brother if it is true what you claim...!!!
Than Glory be to Allah who knows everyone's aim....